The Higashi Osaka Experience Tour

The Higashi Osaka Tourism Agency, together with Mr. Fujita from Kyoto University, gave AKPers and other Kyoto study abroad students the experience of a lifetime by letting them get a sneak peak of the tours the city is setting up in order to promote the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Students learned how to make handmade paper with real flowers, envelopes from kimono patterns, finger toys, and had a lesson making kinako dango (a sweet rice cake with soy powder) and other traditional Japanese sweets.

For lunch, students were treated to an Osaka specialty – kushikatsu! Consisting of various skewered and deep fried meats and veggies, kushikatsu was a big hit for everyone. For dinner, students were served curry with rice in the shape of a rugby ball. Yum!

After the tour, students even got to meet a celebrity — Try-kun, the official mascot of the 2019 Rugby World Cup!

Thank you Higashi Osaka Tourism Agency for inviting our students and Weekly Higashi Osaka for sharing the lovely photos! To read the original article in Japanese, please click here.

Japanese Language Table #3

Today was the third Japanese Language Table of the semester. As it was Valentine’s Day, students discussed how the holiday is celebrated in the US, and the differences between American and Japanese Valentine’s Day.

Kuwahira and Imao Class Discussion

Today Kuwahira-sensei’s class and Imao-sensei’s class combined to have a discussion with Doshisha students. The topic was, “How Students Use Their Time: High School vs College.”

AKP students were surprised to learn that many Japanese college students live with their parents through college. They heard some interesting stories of students’ commutes from home to campus! On the other hand, Japanese students were surprised by the difference in cafeterias and the large presence of athletic teams at American colleges.

Forming a big circle to have a discussion gives the students the advantage of seeing everyone’s faces clearly. Everyone was every animated!

Doshisha student volunteers, thank you for coming!