Congratulations, Daniel!

Fall 2017 AKPer Daniel Matsuda (Carleton) stopped by the AKP Office for a visit!

Daniel and his Japanese instructor, Yoshimura-sensei

Daniel finished school a trimester early and graduated this March. In August, he will be returning to Japan as a CIR (Coordinator of International Relations) through the JET Program. Congratulations!

It’s Sakura Season!

Imao-sensei had her class outside!

It’s sakura (cherry blossom) season in Kyoto!

The trees are in full bloom at the Kyoto Imperial Palace, just across from campus.

A Colby College Visitor

Dean Arne Koch with students and VFF Prof. Kim Besio.

The Dean of Global Engagement at Colby College, Prof. Arne Koch, visited the AKP Office during his trip to Japan. AKP currently has three students from Colby College, and one of our visiting faculty fellows, Prof. Kim Besio, is also from Colby.

Prof. Arne obsereved students in Yoshimura-sensei’s Japanese class, and then watched Tabreya Ryan (18-19, Colby) give her presentation in Japanese.