This semester’s Japanese Challenge

Today was the Ending Ceremony for the spring semester. Students received certificates for taking part in this semester’s Nihongo Challenge.

AKPers, when you return to the US, keep speaking Japanese and don’t forget to challenge yourself!

Who would you send a kanji to?

For the last day of the Kanji Terakoya elective course, students were asked to ‘send’ a kanji to someone. Both Annie Canning and Hazel Simpson (Bates) sent a kanji to themselves!

Even when you return the the US, remember to believe in yourself and keep practicing Japanese!

Class at the Imperial Palace

Students in Oyama-sensei’s class are learning about the history of Kyoto. What better a place to hold class than the Imperial Palace, just steps from Doshisha campus?

Students walked through the gardens and visited Shishinden (Hall for State Ceremonies). The cherry blossoms were still blooming!