Performing Cello at the Kansai Foreign Students Music Festival

On December 15, Fall 2019 AKPer Colby Hester from Carleton College performed at the Rohm Theater Kyoto for the 30th Anniversary of the Kansai Foreign Students Music Festival. They played Cello Suite No.1 Sarabande by Bach and shared the following comments after their performance:

This semester, I participated in the Kansai Foreign Students Music Festival. At this festival, students from many different countries came together and performed songs and dances in accordance to their individual cultures. I played the cello. At the end of the festival, all of us sang together and danced. It was great that I got to meet so many people and make such good friends and good memories at this festival! It was so fun!

Colby Hester (AKP Fall 2019, Carleton College)

The pictures below show Colby during their performance, the festival finale, and the post-finale group picture (Colby is in the front row at the far left). “Music brings people together.” That certainly is true!

Working Hard in Niigata and Hokkaido

Two students who studied on AKP in 2017-18, David O’Dea and Joshua Crotts of Carleton College, stopped by the Kyoto Center! David is currently in Niigata’s Minamiuonuma City, and Joshua is in Hokkaido’s prefectural capital, Sapporo. Both are working as CIRs on the JET Program. Since they were attending a JET course on interpreting and translating in Saga Prefecture’s Otsu City, they came down to Kyoto after their one-day training ended. Minamiuonouma is known for its beautiful rice and has been on the news many times this fall for having a bear infestation! David is being careful. As for Sapporo, it will soon be hosting the Olympic Marathon, so Joshua expects that it will be busy for him going forward.

In the picture, David is the second person from the right and Joshua is the fourth from the right. The person third from the right is their JET Colleague transferring to Nagasaki, Tyrhen Cameron.

This Semester’s Nihongo Challenge

Today was the Completion Ceremony for the fall semester. Here, everyone received the results of their “Nihongo Challenge.”

Thank you for working hard on the Nihongo Challenge!
We did our best!

To all the AKPers returning home, please challenge yourself to speak Japanese even in the U.S. To all the AKPers returning to Japan next semester, let’s continue to do our best!