2019 New Year’s Party

After spring student orientation and placement tests, AKP has its annual New Year’s Party! Here, our spring students met their host families for the first time.

Maria Hidalgo Romero (Williams College) and Fernando Barcelo (Pomona College), two spring students, greeted everyone in Japanese.

Here’s to the start of a great year!

Japanese Program Orientation

Happy New Year! Orientation for spring students started on January 9th. As part of the Japanese Program Orientation, students took a placement test.

Have a great semester, everyone!

This Semester’s Nihongo Challenge

Today, AKPers finished up their finals and attended the Closing Ceremony.

Everyone did so well!

Students shared their memories, and the Japanese instructors reported on the results of this semester’s Nihongo Challenge.

Fall AKPers returning home, remember to speak Japanese at every chance you get!

Full year AKPers, do your best next semester!