Oyama Class Discussion

Although this week is graduation at Doshisha, several Doshisha students managed to drop by to have class discussions with AKP students.

The topics were “dialects,” “men’s speech and women’s speech,” and “job hunting.” Using the articles students read in class, they were able to have a lively discussion.

Doshisha students, thank you for coming during your Spring Break!

What’s Your Favorite Kanji?

Today in the Japanese elective course Kanji Terakoya, students chose their favorite kanji and did a short presentation.

In order from left to right:

Annie Canning: 縞馬 (zebra)
Logan Douglas: 夢判断 (dream interpretation)
Maria Rivera-Montes: 感謝 (thankfulness)
Hazel Simpson: 恐竜 (dinosaur)
Helen Edge: 宇宙 (space)
Fernando Barcelo: 優遇 (hospitality)
Venezio Terranova: 鶯 (Japanese nightingale)