Kanji of the Year

Today was the last day of class for Fall 2018!

Two days ago, the official Kanji of the Year was announced — (disaster)
We asked students in Imao-sensei’s class for their personal Kanji of the Year:

(from left to right)
Clark-san:  (new)
Colcol-san:  (beauty) and  (broken)
Garcia-san: (lost)
Showers-san: (first)
Apostolou-san: (old man)
McConnell-san: (what)
Yguico-san: (tired)

AKPers, your hard work has been much appreciated this semester. Only a little left to go!

Imao Class Discussion #4

Three volunteers participated in the class discussion with Imao-sensei’s class today. The topic was “Internet and Social Media.” Everyone had their own opinions on the subject and it lead to a very fun discussion! 

Volunteers, as always, thank you for joining us!


2015-16 AKP alum Olivier Brilliant (Bates College) stopped by the office for a visit.

He currently works at the Miyako Hotel in Los Angeles as a concierge, and is visiting Japan for vacation!

“Being an adult is hard!” – Olivier