Oyama Class Discussion

Today Professor Oyama’s class invited Doshisha students over for a discussion.

The topics this time were “Masculine Words, Feminine Words” and “Gender Roles.” Are the words that we see in the textbook the same as the words Doshisha students actually use?

The students were surprised to hear that the Doshisha students referred to themselves with “uchi.”

Uchi wasn’t written in our textbook!!”

After they found out, the students asked many questions like “When did you start using uchi?,” “Can you use it with anyone?,” and “Who’s allowed to use uchi?”

It was a small group, but a very fun discussion! Thank you to all the students who participated.

Class Cooperation and Public Speaking Class at Doshisha Women’s College

Today’s class exchange with Doshisha Women’s College’s Public Speaking Class first started with a discussion on Thanksgiving Culture. Afterwards, students were split into groups and worked to create a list of 26 words from A to Z based on the theme “things you’re thankful for everyday.” AKP students provided advice on English vocabulary.

After that task, everyone watched a demo on the Pecha Kucha presentation style, then talked about the characteristics of that presentation style and what makes it a good presentation.

After this, the Public Speaking class will begin preparing for their presentation day on December 12th.

Discussions with Doshisha Students (Imao Class) #2

Professor Imao’s Japanese class hosted another discussion with Doshisha and Doshisha Women’s College students.

The topic for this discussion was “What do you think about foreign language education in schools?”

This time, there were a lot of students in language education-related majors such as English Language and Culture and Japanese Language Education, so the discussion became very lively!

Afterwards, we took a few photos to commemorate the experience.

And then the students exchanged contact information.

Smartphones sure are convenient.

Thank you again to all of the volunteers for coming!