Kansaiben Lecture #2

Today we had our second lecture on Kansaiben. Professor Nishimata from KCJS came back to teach this lecture as well.

First, a review! Everyone remembered the last lecture very well.

“Is Professor in her office?” Here, AKPers learned how to use polite language in Kansaiben. Perhaps polite language in Kansaiben is simpler than polite language in standard dialect? Everyone’s able to conjugate it smoothly.

“I have a ticket to the movies. Won’t you come?” Now you can invite your friends to the movies in Kansaiben!
Look at the scenario, then try to make a conversation in Kansaiben.
Everyone was hyped up during their group work! With the Kansaiben they had learned, they skillfully made their dialogues.


Today we went to Hikone City, which is in Saga Prefecture.

Everyone got on the train at Kyoto Station.
After lunch in Hikone City, we met up at Hikone Castle. The real Hikonyan was out in the city, so we weren’t able to meet him.
Hikone Castle is high up, so let’s do our best to make it to the top!
At the top of the long staircase, we took a quick break at a souvenir stand.
At the back of the castle, we took a picture with Hikonyan.
To get to the castle’s tower, you have to climb a set of stairs that are more like a ladder. Getting down is very tricky! Everyone was saying “be careful!” when going down the stairs.
We also had a chance to visit Genkyuen Garden. In the back of the picture you can see Hikone Castle.
A break at a tea shop. Everyone walked a lot today!
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