Yoshimura Class Discussion #3

Three Doshisha student volunteers visited class today! The two topics students discussed were “Liberal Arts Education” and “Will AI bring an end to human history?” 

Students were able to clearly convey their feelings in Japanese on the subjects!

Volunteers, thank you for coming, as always!

Doshisha Women’s College Public Speaking Class #5

(left to right) Cora Showers, Sam Wong, and Akane Kleinkopf volunteered with the Women’s College students

Today, AKPers listened to the Doshisha Women’s College students rehearse for their presentations, and wrote comment sheets to critique each performance. The students chose really interesting topics! 

Last Language Table of the Semester

Today was the Language Table’s last meeting for the semester, so we brought tons of doughnuts to celebrate!

Volunteers, thank you for all your hard work this semester. Were you able to make some good friends?

That’s a wrap for the Fall 2018 Language Table!