Public Speaking Class at Doshisha Women’s College

This year AKPers are volunteering in Professor Michi Saki’s class, “Public Speaking,” which is in the Department of English, Faculty of Culture and Representation at Doshisha Women’s College.

The first topic was “Stress: Friend or Foe.” AKPers helped the Doshisha Women’s College students practice stating their thoughts in English and also proactively provided some of their own opinions.

The Kanji Museum

For today’s field trip, we went to the Kanji Museum.

There are many different exhibits.
How do you write the names of various countries in kanji? Press the hanko (stamp) to find out!
Everyone was deeply interested in Japanese money from the past. There’s kanji written there too.
Let’s try to write a kanji that you’d like to write next time. What a very fun day!

Second Language Table

Today was the second Language Table of the semester. A lot of students came to participate this time as well.

Everyone did their best to speak to the volunteers in Kansai-ben!
Even AKPers were having good conversations with each other in Japanese.
You did well with introducing yourselves.
It seems there were some people exchanging contact information as well. Please make a lot of friends and fun memories here in Japan!