Happy Halloween!

Since next week is Fall Break, we decided to hold our Halloween Parade a little early.

Unfortunately it was raining, so we weren’t able to do a picnic. Instead, everyone ate lunch together at the cafeteria.
Happy Halloween!
Everyone’s costumes looked great on them!

Have a great Fall Break next week, everyone! Travel, meet with friends, and enjoy your time.

Japanese Discussion with Doshisha Students

In Professor Yoshimura’s class, AKPers held a discussion in Japanese with the participation of Doshisha student volunteers.

The discussion began with AKPers giving a short summary of articles they’ve been reading in class to the Doshisha students. Afterwards, they moved onto exchanging opinions about the articles. There were many comments from AKPers about how interesting it was to find themselves explaining things to the Doshisha students multiple times during the discussion, even though the topic was about events happening in Japan.

After class, the students were quick to exchange contact information. It’d be great to see this kind of exchange happen outside of class as well.

Working abroad with JET!

A 2013-14 AKP alumn stopped by the AKP Kyoto Center!

Kue Xiong from Connecticut College is currently living in Oita Prefecture as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Program. She had her wedding in America in July, but applied to the JET Program after thinking about how she wanted to speak Japanese again.

Best of luck with your work!

She is teaching at five elementary schools.