2016-17 AKPer Walter Pugil (Carleton College) stopped by the office for a visit. Right now, Walter is a CIR through the JET Program in Kumamoto City. Kumamoto is most famous for its beloved mascot character, Kumamon!

Project Presentations (Yoshimura Class)

Over the last five days, students in Yoshimura-sensei’s class have been doing presentations. The topics were varied: “Cram School Comparisons,” “Japanese Traditional Culture,” “Japanese People,” “Gender Roles,” and “Gender and Culture.” 

All students managed to present for 50 minutes in Japanese! 

Great job, everyone!


Fall 2016 AKPer Zachary Metz (Hampshire College) stopped by the AKP Office for a visit!

Zack-sensei is currently teaching English in Kagawa Prefecture through the JET Program. He teaches kindergarten all the way through adults, and shared with us that he’s having a great time. According to him, the udon in Kagawa Prefecture is super tasty!

Come visit again soon!