Discussions with Doshisha Students (Imao Class)

Today Professor Imao’s class held a discussion with volunteers from the Doshisha Women’s College.

The topic was on the pros and cons of living abroad.

The students were able to speak a lot about their opinions on and experiences with living abroad, and together, everyone had a fun time.

Discussions with Doshisha Students (Yoshida and Oyama Classes)

Today, Professor Yoshida and Professor Oyama’s classes each held their own discussions with Doshisha students.

In Professor Yoshida’s class, AKPers asked the Doshisha students a lot of questions about club and circle activities. Professor Oyama’s class did the same, but about the college entry exam system and college student life.

The Doshisha students were very kind to talk with us a lot! It was a little difficult with the Doshisha students speaking in Kansai-ben and at natural speed, but the AKPers seemed satisfied that they understood it!