AKP: A National Consortium

The Associated Kyoto Program, Inc. (AKP) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It operates an independent program for undergraduate students from sponsoring American colleges and universities in cooperation with Doshisha University. Since its inception in 1972, the AKP has provided study opportunities in Kyoto for over 1,600 students and, with assistance from foundations and corporations, has provided fellowships to dozens of American and Japanese faculty members for research and teaching abroad. In addition to inviting Visiting Faculty Fellows from our consortium institutions to offer classes and conduct research in Kyoto, the AKP recruits scholars living in Kyoto to offer special seminars to complete the curriculum.

AKP Administrative Office

The U.S. Office, located on the campus of Pomona College in Claremont, California, serves as the administrative headquarters for the program. The Chair of the AKP Board of Directors, who also serves as the President of the Corporation, and the Program Administrator have offices on the Pomona campus and they coordinate and manage the program. The President of each consortium institution appoints a faculty representative who serves on the Board that determines all program policies. In fact, the AKP is one of the only study abroad programs that is governed, managed, and directed by faculty members from its consortium institutions.

AKP Agent College

Oberlin College provides fiscal and administrative management for the program and grants academic credit to program participants. Students needing an official transcript showing their work at AKP must contact the Registrar at Oberlin College. Transcript requests cannot be handled through the AKP Administrative Office.

Consortium Institutions

State City Institution Year Joined
CA Claremont Pomona College 1984
CT Middletown Wesleyan University 1972
CT New London Connecticut College 1972
MA Amherst Amherst College 1972
MA Northampton Smith College 1972
MA South Hadley Mount Holyoke College 1972
MA Williamstown Williams College 1972
ME Lewiston Bates College 1994
ME Waterville Colby College 1972
MN Northfield Carleton College 1972
PA Lewisburg Bucknell University 1978
OH Oberlin Oberlin College 1972
WA Walla Walla Whitman College 1979

Resident Director History

Year Name Institution
1972-1973 Peter Frost Williams
1973-1974 Ray Moore Amherst
1974-1975 Cameron Hurst Kansas
1975-1976 David Titus Wesleyan
1976-1977 Ty Unno Smith
1977-1978 Tadanori Yamashita Mt. Holyoke
1978-1979 Mike Sherard Colby
1979-1980 Lloyd Craighill
1980-1981 Lloyd Craighill
1981-1982 John Eusden Williams
1982-1983 Lon Chen Whitman
1983-1984 Bardwell Smith Carleton
1984-1985 David Titus Wesleyan
1985-1986 Ray Moore Amherst
1986-1987 Ron DiCenzo Oberlin
1987-1988 David Lu Bucknell
1988-1989 Tada Yamashita Mt. Holyoke
1989-1990 Tony Chambers Wesleyan
1990-1991 Akira R. Takemoto Whitman
1991-1992 Robert Wood Carleton
1992-1993 Thomas Rohlich University of Iowa
1993-1994 Thomas Rohlich University of Iowa
1994-1995 Vivian Herman
1995-1996 Martin Holman
1996-1997 David Titus/Ray Moore Wesleyan/Amherst
1997-1998 Hiroshi Miyaji Middlebury
1998-1999 James Kodera Wellesley
1999-2000 James Dobbins Oberlin
2000-2001 Dennis Yasutomo Smith
2001-2002 Hiroshi Miyaji Middlebury
2002-2003 Nobuo Ogawa Middlebury
2003-2004 Maki Hubbard Smith
2004-2005 Kathryn Sparling Carleton
2005-2006 Naoko Nemoto Mt. Holyoke
2006-2007 Tamae Prindle Colby
2007-2008 Thomas Rohlich Smith
2008-2009 Erik Lofgren Bucknell
2009-2010 Nobuo Ogawa Middlebury
2010-2011 Maki Hubbard Smith
2011-2012 Shinko Kagaya Williams
2012-2013 Erik Lofgren/Terry MacDougall Bucknell/Stanford
2013-2014 Nobuo Ogawa Middlebury
2014-2015 Suzanne Gay Oberlin
2015-2016 Tom Rohlich Smith
2016-2017 Maki Hubbard Smith
2017-2018 Maki Hubbard Smith
2018-2019 Elizabeth Armstrong Bucknell

Program Chair History

Year Name Institution
1985-1987 Tom Havens Connecticut
1987-1989 Ray Moore Amherst
1989-1992 Ron DiCenzo Oberlin
1992-1995 Anthony Chambers Wesleyan
1995-1997 Ron DiCenzo Oberlin
1997-2003 Akira R. Takemoto Whitman
2003-2007 Tom Rohlich Smith
2007-2010 James Dobbins Oberlin
2010-2014 Akira R. Takemoto Whitman
2014-2017 Erik R. Lofgren Bucknell
2018- Peter Flueckiger Pomona

AKP Board Meeting Hosts

Year Institution
1973 Carleton
1974 Amherst
1975 Connecticut
1976 Wesleyan
1977 Smith
1978 Mt. Holyoke
1979 Mt. Holyoke
1980 Williams
1981 Colby
1982 Bucknell (10th Anniversary)
1983 Connecticut
1984 Whitman
1985 Carleton
1986 Oberlin
1987 Bucknell
1988 Wesleyan
1989 Amherst
1990 Pomona
1991 Oberlin
1992 Smith (20th Anniversary)
1993 Middlebury
1994 Whitman
1995 Colby
1996 Williams
1997 Carleton (25th Anniversary)
1998 Wellesley
1999 Bates
2000 Amherst
2001 Pomona
2002 Middlebury (30th Anniversary)
2003 Mt. Holyoke
2004 Bucknell
2005 Oberlin
2006 Smith
2007 Connecticut (35th Anniversary)
2008 Amherst
2009 Colby
2010 Whitman
2011 Wesleyan
2012 Amherst (40th Anniversary)
2013 Pomona
2014 Bucknell
2015 Carleton
2016 Smith
2017 Oberlin (45th Anniversary)
2018 Colby