The Associated Kyoto Program is designed for those who don’t just want to study in Japan—they want to live in it. From rich elective courses taught by distinguished faculty to weekly practica on Japanese culture; from eye-opening field trips around Kyoto to the comfort of a host family’s house, every part of the AKP experience is designed to allow you to live in Japan not as merely a traveler, but as an insider. Click here to apply to AKP!
"I used my Cultural Activities Grant mostly to pay for dance classes, as well as to go to the occasional temple. I think being able to enter the dance community here in Japan has really helped me to settle in, and feel that I am a part of something here."
- Celia Langford (Whitman College), 2017-18 AKPer
"I think I have become more independent and confident to travel alone while on AKP. I used to be afraid to go on a trip by myself, especially in a foreign country, but as my language skills have improved I have gained more confidence, and realized that I am capable of a lot more than I once thought."
- Eva Olson (Smith College), 2017-18 AKPer
"My host parents don't speak English, so living with them has really helped me improve. It was hard to communicate well at first, but we understood each other, and my Japanese improved rapidly after the first week!"
- Andrew Nguy (Pomona College), Fall 2017 AKPer

Update: Typhoon Hagibis

Due to Typhoon Hagibis, AKP’s semesterly field trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima was cancelled. All AKP students reported safely to class on Monday morning, and overall, Kyoto and Doshisha University seem to have been only minimally affected by the typhoon.

For more on-time updates about any future weather incidents, please be sure to follow AKP’s Twitter and Facebook pages!

September Adventures

Their first month in Japan has already flown by for our Fall AKPers! On top of the fun they’ve had with Japanese language classes, here are a few other adventures from the month of September.

Friday, September 6th

AKPers stopped by the Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Center and learned how to protect themselves during a disaster. There they were able to experience strong pressure winds and ride on a helicopter!

Saturday, September 7th

Led by Professor Armstrong and Professor Lofgren, 13 AKPers hiked Mt. Daimonji on the eastern side of Kyoto. It took about two hours to complete the hike, and AKPers were rewarded with an amazing view of Kyoto from the top!

Friday, September 20th

During orientation, many Doshisha students volunteered their time to help AKPers learn their commutes, guide them through procedures at City Hall, and participate on the campus tour. So to thank them, AKPers organized a fun appreciation lunch! Quinn Audoin, Sarah Ducharme, and Andie Nakahira prepared some games to play with the Doshisha students while Max Alter delivered a speech to express gratitude on behalf of the AKPers.

Saturday, September 21st

Professor Armstrong took 8 AKPers to Shogo-in Temple, which was hosting a special exhibit featuring rarely-seen sliding paper-doors, baskets, screens, and Buddha statues. How lucky!


AKP was excited to welcome its Fall 2019 and Full-Year students in Kyoto last week. The new AKPers spent their first three days getting to know each other, learning their new campus and commutes alongside Doshisha student volunteers, and meeting their host families!