The Associated Kyoto Program is designed for those who don’t just want to study in Japan—they want to live in it. From rich elective courses taught by distinguished faculty to weekly practica on Japanese culture; from eye-opening field trips around Kyoto to the comfort of a host family’s house, every part of the AKP experience is designed to allow you to live in Japan not as merely a traveler, but as an insider. Click here to apply to AKP!
"I used my Cultural Activities Grant mostly to pay for dance classes, as well as to go to the occasional temple. I think being able to enter the dance community here in Japan has really helped me to settle in, and feel that I am a part of something here."
- Celia Langford (Whitman College), 2017-18 AKPer
"I think I have become more independent and confident to travel alone while on AKP. I used to be afraid to go on a trip by myself, especially in a foreign country, but as my language skills have improved I have gained more confidence, and realized that I am capable of a lot more than I once thought."
- Eva Olson (Smith College), 2017-18 AKPer
"My host parents don't speak English, so living with them has really helped me improve. It was hard to communicate well at first, but we understood each other, and my Japanese improved rapidly after the first week!"
- Andrew Nguy (Pomona College), Fall 2017 AKPer

Office Closed for Winter Break

The AKP US Office will be closed from December 21st until January 2nd for Winter Break. All phone call and emails will be returned after the break.

The AKP Kyoto Office at Doshisha University will be closed from December 24th until January 6th. The Resident Director will be available 24 hours a day via cell phone in case of a student emergency.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the upcoming Year of the Boar!

PechaKucha Inspired

On December 13th, Doshisha Women’s College hosted a PechaKucha (a concise, 20 second per slide style of presentation) event. Fall 2018 AKPer Akane Kleinkopf (Whitman College) participated with her own PechaKucha presentation on what it means to be Japanese. 

Using her experiences from this semester, Akane gave a powerful presentation on identity. Although the Doshisha Women’s College students presented in English, she presented entirely in Japanese. Some AKP classmates even came to the event to cheer her on, despite being busy with finals!

Akane’s host mother also came to watch, and they had lunch together at the Doshisha cafeteria afterwards. 

Watch the full video of Akane’s presentation here:

Awesome job, Akane!

Halloween Parade 2018

Happy Halloween from AKP! Our fall 2018 AKPers, staff, and faculty enjoyed a beautiful day handing out candy around Doshisha. Great costumes, guys!