Student Travel Policy


Students will arrange their own transportation to the Orientation Site in Kyoto in either September or January. AKP will provide an airfare travel subsidy of up to $850 for each semester that the student is resident on the program. Reimbursement is for direct travel to or from Japan. Stopovers may not exceed 24 hours. AKP will only reimburse in US dollars; tickets purchased with airline miles cannot be reimbursed. In order to process reimbursement requests students must forward their travel itineraries and provide an address of remittance to the US Office Program Administrator.


  1. Any fees, penalties, or costs resulting from a decision to change either the itinerary or route will be the student’s responsibility.  This includes the cost of airfare back to his or her home country or campus following a voluntary withdrawal or disciplinary separation from the Program.
  2. Emergency situations (often those of a medical nature) that affect student travel to and from Japan for the Program or following the Program’s conclusion will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Upon arrival in Japan, students will be asked to take their luggage from the airport to the Orientation Site in Kyoto. From there, students’ luggage will be sent to their host families.
  4. AKP will not cover ground transportation prior to arrival in Japan or ground transportation from an airport in Japan to Kyoto.

Post-Program Travel and Accommodations

Students will stay with their host families through the end of the program, but students who decide to remain in Japan MUST inform the AKP of their plans and know that they will be responsible for their own accommodations after the program end date.