2018-19 Academic Calendar

Fall 2018 Semester
2018September3 Students Depart US
4 Students Arrive at Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel
5-7 Convocation and OrientationDoshisha University
7 Welcome Party6:00-8:00pm Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel
10 Classes Start
Bicycle & Safety Workshop 11:00-12:15pm
10-12 Japanese Review Days
13 Japanese Placement Test
14 Japanese Oral Exam
Disaster Prevention Center 1:30-4:00pm
17 敬老の日 けいろのひ No Classes
18 Last Day to Change Registration
21 Thank You Lunch for Doshisha Student Volunteers 12:00-1:30pm
23 秋分の日 しゅうぶんのひ
24 秋分の日 (Observed) Class Day
October3-5 Fall Field TripHimeji – Hiroshima – Miyajima
8 体育の日 たいいくのひ Class Day
November3 文化の日 ぶんかのひ
5-9 Fall Break
14-16 Spring RegistrationOnline
23勤労感謝の日 きんろうかんしゃのひ No Classes
26-28学園祭 がくえんさい Class Days
29 Doshisha Eve Day — Class Day
December12-14 Elective Class Finals
14Last Day of Classes
17Japanese Final Exams
18 Semester Ending Get Together
19 Winter Break Starts
21 Program Ends for Fall-Only Students — Leave Homestay
24 Office Closed For Holidays
Spring 2019 Semester
2019January7 Office Opens
8 Spring-Only Students Arrive at Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel
9 General Orientation for New Students
10 New Student Homestay Orientation in AM – Commuting Practice in PM
11 Language Exams for New Students – Campus Tour in PM
14 成人の日 せいじんのひ No classes
15Classes Start
18Disaster Prevention Center for New Students
22 Last Day to Change Registration
February6-10 February Break
11建国記念の日 けんこくのひ Class Day
6-8Independent Field Trip for Full-Year Students
Spring Field Trip for Spring-Only StudentsHimeji – Hiroshima – Miyajima
15 Independent Field Trip Presentations
21 春分の日 しゅんぶんのひ No Classes
April16-17 Elective Class Finals
17Last Day of Classes
18Japanese Final Exams
19Semester Ending Get Together
20Closing Ceremony5:00-7:30pmKyoto Garden Palace
21-23Free Days
24Program Ends – Leave Homestay

(All dates are tentative and subject to change)