2019-20 Academic Calendar

All dates are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2019

August26 (M)Students depart USA
27 (T)Students arrive at Kyoto Garden Palace
28-30 (W-F)Convocation and Orientation
30 (F)Welcome Party at Kyoto Garden Palace, 6-8 pm
September2 (M)Classes Start
Bicycle & self-defense/safety workshop
2-4 (M-W)Japanese Review Days
5 (TH)Japanese Placement Test
6 (F)Japanese Oral Exam in AM
Disaster Prevention Center 1:30 – 4:00pm
9 (M)End of drop/add period
16 (M)Respect for the Aged Day, Class Day
20 (F)Thank You Lunch for Doshisha volunteer students, 12:00-1:30pm
23 (M)Autumn Equinox Day, No classes
October2-4 (W-F)Fall field trip (Himeji-Hiroshima-Miyajima)
14 (M)Health and Sports Day, Class Day
22 (T)Enthronement Ceremony, No Classes
28-11/1 (M-F)Fall Break
November3 (S)Culture Day
4 (M)Culture Day (Observed), Class Day
11-15 (M-F)Spring registration (including KCJS cross-registration)
23 (ST)Labor Thanksgiving Day
26-28 (T-TH)Eve Festival, Class days
29 (F)Doshisha Eve Day, Class day
December4-6 (W-F)Elective class finals
6 (F)Last day of classes
9-10 (M-T)Japanese final exams
10 (T)End of semester get together
Personal affairs clean up day for Fall-only students
11 (W)Winter break starts
15 (S)Program ends for Fall-only students, leave homestay
25 (W)Office closed for holidays

Spring 2020

January6 (M)Office opens
7 (T) Spring-only students depart USA
8 (W)Spring-only students arrive at Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, stay until 11th
*Full-year students must be back by the 8th
9 (TH)Orientation for Spring-only students
Full-year and Spring-only students meet
Bicycle & self-defense/safety workshop
10 (F)Spring-only students: HS orientation in AM, Commuting practice in PM
11 (ST)Spring-only students: Language Placement Test in AM, Campus tour 1:00-3:30 pm
New Year’s Party
13 (M)Coming of Age Day, No classes
14 (T)Classes start
Japanese Oral Exam for Spring-only students
Japanese class for Full-year students in AM
15 (W)Kyogen workshop for all students in AM
16 (TH)Regular Japanese classes start
17 (F)Disaster Prevention Center for Spring-only students, 1:30-4:00 pm
21 (T)End of drop/add period
February6-9 (TH-S)February Break
11 (T)National Foundation Day, Class Day
14 (F)Visit and Cultural Exchange at a Kyotonabe City elementary school for all students
23 (S)Emperor’s Birthday
24 (M)Emperor’s Birthday (Observed), No classes
March4-6 (W-F)Solo trips for Full-year students
Spring field trip (Himeji-Hiroshima-Miyajima) for Spring-only students
13 (F)Solo trip presentations
20 (F)Vernal Equinox Day, No classes
April14-15 (T-W)Elective class finals
15 (W)Last day of classes
16 (TH)Japanese final exams
17 (F)End of semester get together
Personal affairs clean up day for all students
18 (SA)Closing Ceremony at Kyoto Garden Palace, 12:00-2:30 pm
19-21 (S-T)Free days
22 (W)Program ends, leave homestay