2024-25 Academic Calendar

All dates and activities are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2024

26 (M)
Students depart USA
27 (T)
Students arrive at orientation hotel

28-30 (W-F)
Convocation and Orientation
30 (F)Welcome Party at orientation hotel

Move to housing
2 (M)
Elective classes start
Bicycle & self-defense/safety workshop
2-4 (M-W)Japanese review days
5 (TH)Japanese Placement Test
6 (F)Japanese Oral Exam
Disaster Prevention Center
9 (M)Japanese classes start
End of drop/add period
16 (M)Respect for the Aged Day, Class Day

22 (ST)
Autumn Equinox Day
23 (M)Autumn Equinox Day observed, No Classes
2-4 (W-F)
Fall Field Trip
14 (M)Health and Sports Day, No Classes
17 (TH)Hold Monday class instead of Thursday class
November3 (S)Culture Day
4-8 (M-F)Fall Break

11-15 (M-F)
Spring Registration
23 (ST)Labor Thanksgiving Day
26-28 (T-TH)Doshisha Eve Festival, Class Days
29 (F)Doshisha Eve Day, Class Day
4-6 (W-F)
Elective class finals

6 (F)
Last day of classes

9-10 (M-T)
Japanese final exams

10 (T)
End of semester get together

11 (W)
Winter break starts

15 (S)
Program ends for Fall-only students. Fall-only students leave housing.

Spring 2025

6 (M)
Spring-only students depart USA

7 (T)
Spring-only students arrive at orientation hotel

8 (W)
General Orientation
Full-year and Spring-only students meet (required)
Spring-only students: Bicycle & self-defense/safety workshop
9 (TH)Spring-only students: Housing orientation & Commuting practice

10 (F)
Spring-only students: Japanese orientation & placement test
Spring-only students: Campus tour
New Year’s Party at orientation hotel
Spring-only students: Move to housing
13 (M)Coming of Age Day, No Classes

14 (T)
Elective classes start
Japanese Oral Exam (Spring-only students)
Japanese classes (Full-year students)
15 (W)Japanese classes start

17 (F)
Spring-only students: Disaster Prevention Center

21 (T)
End of drop/add period
11 (T)
National Foundation Day, No Classes
23 (S)Emperor’s Birthday

24 (M)
No Classes
5-7 (W-F)
Spring-only students: Program Field Trip
Full-year students: Hitoritabi

14 (F)
Hitoritabi presentations

20 (TH)
Vernal Equinox Day, No Classes
15-16 (T-W)
Elective class finals

16 (W)
Last day of classes

17-18 (TH-F)
Japanese final exams

18 (F)
End of semester get together
19 (ST)Closing Ceremony

20-21 (S-M)
Free days

22 (T)
Program ends. Leave housing.