Why Choose AKP?

“I feel like I grew a lot more as a person than I was expecting to. I became a lot more open to certain ways of thinking and doing things than I was.”
-Josephine Hoyne, Whitman College, AKP 2011–12

The Associated Kyoto Program is designed for those who don’t just want to study in Japan—they want to live in it. From rich elective courses taught by distinguished faculty to weekly practica on Japanese culture; from eye-opening field trips around Kyoto to the comfort of a host family’s house, every part of the AKP experience is designed to allow you to live in Japan not as merely a traveler, but as an insider.

Explore New Passions

Whether you want to play a taiko drum, learn traditional Japanese dance, or train in the martial art of aikido, the AKP will help you make that happen. AKP’s Cultural Activities Grant gives you the resources to explore in depth the sort of Japanese cultural experiences you might never be able to find back in the States.

Experience Kyoto’s Seasons

From mountains ablaze with fall foliage to the gentle grace of cherry blossoms in bloom in the spring, Kyoto is a city of four distinct seasons, and the Associated Kyoto Program is centered on this notion. You can register for either the fall or the spring semester individually, or apply for the full-year program to explore nine months of Kyoto’s vibrant, seasonal life. Students who are accepted for the fall semester also have the opportunity to extend their stay for the spring.

Live as a Family Member

Before you arrive in Kyoto, you’ll be matched with a Japanese host family. They’ll be your “home base” for your explorations in Japan, providing you with two meals a day and a place to sleep, not to mention welcoming you into their house and family. They’ll be conversation partners, friends, and links to your local community. Many AKP alumni find the homestay the most valuable part of their experience abroad, and some forge friendships with their host families that last long after graduation.

Kyoto is waiting. Apply now to AKP.