Before You Depart

Welcome to AKP!

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Associated Kyoto Program! Over the next few months, you’ll receive various materials and instructions from AKP to better prepare you for your experience. Below are a few steps to review before you depart.

Complete All Pre-Departure Materials

Upon your acceptance, you will be asked to turn in a list of additional materials to AKP. Many of these items are related to visa applications, language level assessment, and homestay placement. A checklist of these materials along with their requested deadlines will be provided around the designated decision date for each term. Certain deadlines are rather tight, so it’s important for you to keep up with them during your semester!

Research Your Life on AKP

There’s a lot waiting for you on your journey with AKP! As you wait in excitement for your flight to Japan, check out the following ways to learn more about your upcoming time abroad:

  • Follow AKP on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s currently happening.
  • Watch past student videos on AKP’s Youtube channel.
  • Browse the AKP Blog and Japanese Language Blog for insight on students’ day-to-day lives.
  • Read through all the pages in the “Academics & Student Life” and “Student Resources” menus on this website.
  • Talk with your school’s AKP representative (if you are a consortium student) or someone at the AKP US Office.
  • Reach out to an AKP alum from your school or ask the AKP US Office if they can connect you with someone.
  • Read the AKP Student Handbook (electronic and physical copy provided in advance by AKP)
  • Read John Dougill’s Kyoto: A Cultural History (physical copy provided in advance by AKP)

Stay Connected

Check your emails frequently! Prior to your departure, you will be receiving various communications from the AKP US Office, such as reminders about important deadlines or instructions on how to apply for your student visa.

Have a question that our website doesn’t answer? Reach out to the AKP US Office. Our staff is happy to answer any and all questions you might have!