Costs and Financial Aid

AKP Comprehensive Program Fee

Students from consortium member colleges pay the comprehensive fees of their home institutions. Non-consortium students are charged a comprehensive fee based on prevailing fees at consortium institutions.

Your comprehensive fee covers

  • $850 airfare reimbursement for each semester of residence on the program.
  • 15,000 yen monthly Cultural Activities Grant to enhance your Kyoto experience.
  • Orientation accommodations and a guided tour to your homestay led by Doshisha students.
  • A Welcome Party to introduce you to your host family.
  • Doshisha tuition and all Doshisha student fees.
  • Japanese language course textbooks.
  • The book Kyoto: A Cultural History, by John Dougill, to help get you acquainted with the history of Kyoto before departure.
  • A homestay experience closely connected with the academic program.
  • A daily lunch subsidy (including weekends) and commuting costs from your homestay to the Doshisha campus.
  • Japanese National Health Insurance, liability insurance, International Student ID Card (ISIC), and a Doshisha Student Co-op membership (for lunch and other services).
  • Program-sponsored field trips in the fall and spring, and numerous field trips connected with elective and language courses.
  • Semester opening and closing parties.
  • For full-year students, research and internship grants to help you pursue activities outside the regular curriculum.

Airfare to Japan

  • All students will arrange for their own transportation to the Orientation Site in Kyoto in August or January.
  • AKP will provide a transportation subsidy up to $850 for each semester a student is resident on the program. All subsidies will be in US dollars on a reimbursement basis only. Refer to the AKP Student Travel Policy for more information.

Cultural Activities Grant

AKP provides a 15,000 yen monthly Cultural Activities Grant to all students to help them deepen their understanding of and engagement with Japanese culture. Students have used this grant for lessons in traditional Japanese music and dance, training in martial arts, travel within the Kyoto area and elsewhere, museum attendance, temple and shrine visits, and many other activities.

The Cultural Activities Grant made the biggest difference in my experience in Kyoto. Without it, I would not be able to take lessons or visit places I really wanted to go. – 2017-18 AKP student

Research and Internship Grants

In recognition of their significant, focused investment in learning about Japan, AKP makes available to full-year students grants that may be used in one of two ways: to support research or as an internship subsidy. Full-year students may apply for one or the other of these grants.

AKP Research Grants can be used in support of plans for a senior thesis, seminar paper, or an individual project of special interest to the student. Students will prepare a research proposal in consultation with the AKP Faculty and the Resident Director. All research projects must be completed by early April before the spring-semester final exam period. The maximum amount available to any one student is 50,000 yen, paid on a reimbursement basis.

The maximum amount available for AKP Internship Subsidies to any one student is 50,000 yen, paid on a reimbursement basis. Applications should be submitted to the AKP Resident Director.