Staying Connected with AKP

In our 48-year history, over 1,700 students have participated in AKP. We believe that the friendships and bonds you develop while a student on AKP are strong and important to maintain.  We encourage you to stay in touch with AKP and join the AKP Alumni Network on Facebook.  Please feel free to contact us with your AKP photos and memories!

AKP Alumni on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, join the Associated Kyoto Program Alumni Network Page! Membership must be approved by the moderators. When requesting membership to the Facebook group, you will be asked to provide the year/semester you attended AKP as well as your resident director's name. Group posts will be visible to logged-in members only.

Looking to connect with former classmates? Hoping for advice on graduate school or possible career fields, either related or not related to Japan? Have an amazing opportunity you want to share with a network of talented people? Post it in this Facebook group! AKP alumni are doing an amazing range of things today, personally and professionally, and many are happy to share their experiences with fellow alumni.

AKP Alumni on LinkedIn

Aiming to make professional connections? If you have a LinkedIn profile, join the AKP Alumni Group! Unlike the Facebook group, which can be used for a wide variety of discussion topics, the LinkedIn Alumni Group is specifically for AKP alumni to professionally network and to connect regarding their careers. Membership must be approved and is limited to AKP alumni as well as current and former AKP faculty and staff. Group posts will be visible to logged-in members only.

AKP on Twitter

If you're on Twitter, consider following the AKP's official account, @AKPStudyAbroad. Along with updates about the program, the Twitter feed often includes discussions of life in Kyoto, and is a great way to connect with other AKPers--past, present, and future!

AKP on Instagram

If you want to see more of our photos, head over to the AKP Instagram! We also have a Japanese language Instagram for those who want to keep up with their Japanese!