AKP at Doshisha University

Founded in 1875, Doshisha University is a comprehensive private educational system comprising multiple institutions from kindergarten through graduate and professional schools. The university’s relations with some of AKP’s member institutions go back to before its inception, when Doshisha’s founder, Neesima Jo, graduated from Amherst College in 1870. The historical ties with Amherst and, after World War II, with Carleton College formed the foundation on which the Associated Kyoto Program was established.

Doshisha University supports AKP in many ways. In addition to classrooms, Doshisha has generously made available a number of spaces on its Imadegawa Campus, including a student lounge and offices for our administrative staff and faculty. AKP students also have access to the university library, cafeterias, and other public areas. Doshisha serves as our official legal sponsor, enabling AKP to obtain student visas. They also provide student ID cards and extend special student status.

Learn more about the university on its English-language website.

places and facilities

Imadegawa Campus

The Imadegawa Campus is Doshisha University’s main campus and the site of its establishment over 145 years ago! The oldest buildings on campus are from Japan’s Meiji Era, five of which are considered Important Cultural Properties of Japan. The Doshisha students who study at Imadegawa tend to belong to liberal arts fields.


The Taishinkan (待辰館 or “Waiting Dragon Building”) is the location of AKP’s Kyoto Center and the home base for all AKP students. The offices of AKP’s personnel (including the Resident Director, language faculty, and administrative staff) can be found on the second floor of the building.

One of the key highlights of the Taishinkan is the AKP student lounge, where AKPers can go to take a break, wait between classes, work on homework, or socialize with their classmates during the school day.

Campus Dining

On the Imadegawa Campus, there are two main dining halls: the Ryoshinkan Cafeteria and the Meitokukan Cafeteria. Both are excellent places to try out different kinds of Japanese food at a particularly affordable cost! You’ll also find a few great restaurants and cafes just across the street from campus.

Library & Doshisha Global Archive

Tired of studying in the AKP Student Lounge? There are a number of places to study on campus, including the Library, the Doshisha Global Archive, and the modern Learning Commons. AKPers will have access to all these spaces as well as the resources within while on campus.

Convenience Stores

Doshisha has a number of convenience stores in and around campus, including one in the basement floor of Meitokukan (AKP’s classroom building)! They’re great places to pick up a quick snack or bento in between classes.

Video Tour

Want to see Doshisha’s Imadegawa campus with your own eyes? Check out the videos below.

Exploring Kyoto

Interested in everything that Kyoto has to offer? Check out our Interactive Kyoto Map, which includes key places and sights recommended by AKP students past.