Disaster Drill

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Disaster Drill


Today, we had a disaster drill to help prepare for earthquakes and similar catastrophes.

There are some important words you need to know.
あぶない! (Danger!)  げろ (Run!)
安全あんぜん場所ばしょ避難ひなんしてください! (Please evacuate to a safe place!)

“If something happens near the Doshisha Imadegawa Campus, please go here.”

Now let’s practice!

It’s an earthquake! Everyone takes cover under their desks…

Once the shaking stops, open a door so you can evacuate easily if needed.

As there may be aftershocks, go back to under the desk.

When everything calms down, evacuate to a safe place.

We left the campus and went to the Kyoto Imperial Palace Evacuation Site.

Everyone, please remember this place!

The day after the drill, the AKP Office was closed and classes were cancelled due to a typhoon.  Did everyone find the vocabulary we learned useful? Well prepared means no worries!