Kanji Museum Field Trip

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Kanji Museum Field Trip


Today we went to the Kanji Museum. There were lots of exhibits, and we learned all about kanji in a fun way.


The Kanji Tree. “How do you read this…?”


We made kanji rubber stamps.


We tried calligraphy too.


“I can’t write…” “I can’t read…”

There were lots of interesting things to see at the museum.

This stamp will turn your name into kanji.


Students checked the meanings of different kanji in their smartphone dictionaries. “Oh look! It means THIS!”


After that, everyone made rubber stamps and tried calligraphy.

Students could make stamps with whatever kanji they liked, but many chose kanji related to their name.


Desmond-san chose “yuki” (snow) from her first name, Miyuki.


Chaumont-san chose “iwao” (boulder) from his last name.


Kane-san chose “kin” (gold)


Feord-san chose “sou” (idea), his favorite kanji.


Pendlebury-san chose a strange one – hone (bone)!


Flueckiger-sensei from Pomona College also came on this field trip! He chose the kanji “gaku” (knowledge)


Here is everyone’s work!

Next, we moved on to calligraphy.


We were taught the proper way to hold the brush.





“I did it!”


“We did it!”


“kome” (rice)


Kanji Revolving Sushi?!


This is a cup you see often at sushi restaurants. There are so many kanji for different fish written!


There were so many fun events! Even if you have trouble reading kanji, did you have fun learning? Everyone at the Kanji Museum, thank you so much!