Japanese Language Table #2! Setsubun and Lucky Maki

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Japanese Language Table #2! Setsubun and Lucky Maki


Today was the second Japanese Language Table of the semester. As February 3rd is Setsubun, we threw beans to drive out evils spirits, and ate Lucky Maki [sushi rolls traditionally eaten on Setsubun].

Lots of Doshisha students and Doshisha Women’s College students participated today. Doshisha’s official Facebook page covered today’s festivities too!





First, we learned a little about the history of Setsubun.

Everyone threw beans!

Then, we ate Lucky Maki. This year’s lucky direction is North-Northwest!

Facing North-Northwest, everyone ate their Lucky Maki. We hope everyone has wonderful luck this year!

Then, everyone returned to their conversations.

Did you make some new friends? Some students’ conversation partners also participated.  Thanks, everyone!

The next Language Table will be 2/27, 11:15 in the Kouenkan’s lower level conference room.