Nihongo Challenge March Results

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Nihongo Challenge March Results


Here are the results for the March Nihongo Challenge. April’s Challenge will be much shorter — hang in there!

68 stars (spoke 100% in Japanese for 15 days!): Pugil-san!
More than 55 Stars: Leng-san! Orozco-san!
Spoke 70% in Japanese: Pendlebury-san! (spoke 100% in Japanese for 4 days!) Owens-san! Chu-san! Feord-san! Desmond-san!
More than 19 Stars (Spoke 50% in Japanese): Chaumont-san! Hernandez-san! Poretsky-san! Brauneis-san! Kane-san! Peterson-san! Greenspan-san! Spangenthal-san! Rimler-san!

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