PechaKucha Inspired

On December 13th, Doshisha Women’s College hosted a PechaKucha (a concise, 20 second per slide style of presentation) event. Fall 2018 AKPer Akane Kleinkopf (Whitman College) participated with her own PechaKucha presentation on what it means to be Japanese. 

Using her experiences from this semester, Akane gave a powerful presentation on identity. Although the Doshisha Women’s College students presented in English, she presented entirely in Japanese. Some AKP classmates even came to the event to cheer her on, despite being busy with finals!

Akane’s host mother also came to watch, and they had lunch together at the Doshisha cafeteria afterwards. 

Watch the full video of Akane’s presentation here:

Awesome job, Akane!