Kansai-ben Lecture for Spring 2020 AKPers

Today we held a Kansai-ben lecture for the Spring AKPers. Professor Miyuki Nishimata from the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies graciously came back to hold this lecture again.

“What do you imagine when you think of Kansai-ben?”
“Me” becomes “Mee.”
Everyone is listening intently.
Chau chau chau?
Maybe honorific language is easier in Kansai-ben than in standard Japanese language.
Let’s try to change standard Japanese into Kansai-ben. Can you do it?

The AKPers were endlessly curious and asked a lot of questions. Looking forward to the next Kansai-ben lecture. Be sure to try out Kansai-ben with your host families and conversation partners.