Class at the Imperial Palace

Students in Oyama-sensei’s class are learning about the history of Kyoto. What better a place to hold class than the Imperial Palace, just steps from Doshisha campus?

Students walked through the gardens and visited Shishinden (Hall for State Ceremonies). The cherry blossoms were still blooming!

Last Language Table of the Semester

Today we had the last Language Table for Spring semester. As usual, the event took place at Amherst House — a prime spot for cherry blossom viewing!

Doughnuts are another big tradition for the end-of-semester Language Table. Big thanks to Indrani and Hazel for helping out with the preparations!

Many Doshisha students stopped by, and everyone had a great time. Some students exchanged contact information, so hopefully everyone will keep in touch even after the AKPers return home!

Interview Project Presentation

In Yoshimura-sensei’s class from March 25th to April 1st, students gave presentations on their interview projects.

“Your Ideal Spouse,” “Memorable Places in Kyoto,” “Favorite Films,” “Comparing Japanese and American Schools,” “What Do Japanese College Students Think of American College Students?” were the topics students researched and presented on.

After the presentations, Doshisha student volunteers had an extensive discussion with the AKP students. As always, thank you for stopping by!