“The Face of Jizo”

On October 3rd, AKPers set off on their Himeji-Hiroshima-Miyajima field trip. Before the trip, students watched the film “The Face of Jizo” (父と暮らせば), which takes places after the bombing of Hiroshima. 

Everyone, have a safe trip!

Kansaiben Lecture Part 1

Today, Nishimata-sensei from the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies gave students a lecture on Kansaiben (the Kansai dialect). 

In standard Japanese, “takusan” means “many.” In Kansaiben, it’s “gyosan!”

Now everyone can practice Kansaiben with their host families!

First Language Table of Fall 2018

Today was the first Japanese Language Table of the fall semester. 

It looks like everyone was able to make some new friends! We hope everyone uses this opportunity to get to know more Japanese students!