Disaster Drill

Today, we had a disaster drill to practice what to do in the event of an emergency on campus.

In an earthquake, it’s important to hide under a sturdy table to protect your head and body from falling objects.

Once the shaking has stopped, it’s time to head to the designated meeting place. For Doshisha and AKP, the meeting place is the Kyoto Imperial Palace grounds, just across the street from campus. Everyone, remember to come here in an emergency situation!

Meeting with Conversation Partners

We’re continuing the Conversation Partner program this semester! Our new spring students met their partners today and exchanged contact information.

We hope you all have fun practicing Japanese with your partners!

First Japanese Language Table

Today, full year students, spring students, and Doshisha students gathered for the first Japanese Language Table of the semester! It was a good mix of old faces and new faces!

AKPers, were you able to talk with lots of Doshisha students? The Japanese Language Table is a great opportunity for cultural exchange!