Last Class of the Semester (Yoshida Class)

Today was the last class of the semester. Since we read about “climate” and “global warming” in class, we decided to visit the recycling station near Doshisha University.

What kinds of things can we recycle?

Afterwards, we walked a little ways over to Shiramine Shrine. Shiramine Shrine is home to the god of “mari” (balls used in games) and sports. “Kemari” is a sport where you can’t drop the ball, so this god can also be a god of studying.

Everyone offered a prayer together at the shrine, and the students collecting goshuin got a goshuin. I wonder what everyone prayed for?

Next was Seimei Shrine. It is dedicated to Abe no Seimei.

Parting Words

Today was the last day for the “Gun Gun Fuyasou” elective course. Throughout the semester, the students were focused and deeply engaged with all their tasks.

This last day, we held a task called “Parting Words.” Each student would choose a person to present a “parting word” (their favorite kanji or vocab) to and talk about why they chose that word and that person.

At the end, we took a picture with the students saying “Goi~!” (vocab). It’s a little hard to see, but the words that the students chose are written on the blackboard.

The Books We Love!

Today was the last day for our “Sui Sui Yomou” elective course. Throughout the semester, the students pressed on and got to read their favorite books.

The students grabbed their favorite books and took a picture with them. Click!