Yoshimura Class Discussion

Although we’ve had quite a bit of rain lately in Kyoto, three Doshisha students volunteered to participate in our class discussions.

Keigo (honorific speech) and the dialect/people of Kyoto were the topics students began discussing, which quickly expanded into conversations about Japanese comedy, college majors, and job searches. Students covered lots of ground and learned a variety of new vocabulary words!

After class, AKPers and Doshisha students went to lunch together at the cafeteria.

AKPers in Nagano!

Do you ever wonder what AKPers are up to when class isn’t in session? 2018-19 AKPer Sam Wong (Whitman) has given us an inside look into the lives of our study abroad students during February Break. Fellow AKPers Bella Blanco (Whitman), Indrani Kharbanda (Oberlin), Jennifer Rivera-Montes (Smith), and Tabreya Ryan (Colby), joined Sam on an adventure in Nagano and Karuizawa!

Thank you Sam for giving us permission to share her video on our Youtube Channel!

Kyogen Workshop

Mr. Katsumi Yanagimoto has returned to AKP again this year to give a workshop on kyogen (traditional comic theater) for our students.

Mr. Yanagimoto (left) taught the workshop with his co-star, Mr. Kawata. When he was a student at Doshisha, he created a kyogen club on campus!

After explaining the characteristics and history of kyogen, students got the chance to perform part of the kyogen play Chidori. Students were taught how to dance while using the folding fan as a prop.

There are many places in Kyoto that give kyogen performances, so if you are interested, make sure to have a look!

Mr. Yanagimoto, Mr. Kawata, thank you for coming!