Japanese Challenge September Results

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Japanese Challenge September Results


Here are the results for this semester’s first Japanese Challenge.

Slowly but surely, everyone is doing their best to collect stars. Keep it up!

26 Stars: Anderson-san!

15-20 Stars: Chao-san! Chu-san! Posch-san! Feord-san!

11-15 Stars: Kong-san! Nagy-san! Hamilton-san! Symchych-san! Owens-san! Luo-san! Orozco-san! Metz-san! Naughton-san! Ohashi-san! Hernandez-san! Liang-san! Ye-san!

8-14 Stars: Celik-san! Coe-san! Howard-san! Pendlebury-san! Prince-san! Pugil-san! Qi-san! Jablon-san! Hassenstein-san! Klein-san!

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