Fall Field Trip

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Fall Field Trip


October 5th (Wednesday) ~ 7th (Friday) was the Fall Field Trip to Himeji, Hiroshima, and Miyajima.

Himeji (Picture courtesy of Chao-san)






We had great weather!


Upon arriving in Himeji, it was raining, but…


It stopped soon after.


UNESCO World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle


Inspecting Himeji Castle. O’Dwyer-sensei gives an explanation.


Inside the castle


We are lunch and then headed to Hiroshima.


During the bus ride, professors gave some lectures. O’Dwyer-sensei is explaining the history of Himeji Castle.


MacDougall-sensei and Jaime Hubbard-sensei spoke about Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb


In Hiroshima. “Good morning!” Was the breakfast delicious?


Once again this year, Ogura Keiko spoke to everyone in English of her experience of the bombing.


Ogura-san, thank you very much.


We then traveled to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. This May, President Obama visited the museum as well.


President Obama’s personal message and origami crane in the museum.


President Obama’s message


President Obama’s origami crane


The AKP students also folded their own cranes.


Posch-san got a stamp on his postcard.


Many students chose Hiroshima style okonomiyaki for lunch. “Delicious!!”


“How do you eat this?” (Photo courtesy of Chao-san)


O’Dwyer-sensei and Symchych-san “Let’s eat!”


On the bus, Jaime Hubbard-sensei gave a lecture on Miyajima.


We went to Miyajima by ferry.


The sea breeze feels great! (Photo courtesy of Chao-san)


Soon, we were able to see the red Torii in the water.


There are many deer in Miyajima.


(Photo courtesy of Chao-san)


For dinner, everyone ate traditional Japanese food together in a large tatami room.


It looks really good, right?


Some students wore yukata. Looking good!



“Let’s eat!!” “I wonder what this is?”


After dinner, everyone got to participate in a taiko performance.

Coe-san and Chao-san


The Resident Director, Hubbard-sensei, also participated!


The weather was great. Some students went hiking.



Coe-san, Luo-san, and Chu-san making wishes and lighting incense at the temple. I wonder what they wished for?



Of course, when you think of Miyajima, the first thing that comes to mind is Itsukushima Shrine!


Anderson-san, how was your fortune?


After, everyone rode the ferry and caught the bus back to Kyoto. Did you have a fun trip? Rest well!