Kyogen Workshop

This year, Mr. Yanagimoto came back to hold a kyogen (traditional comic theater) workshop.

Our lecturer, Mr. Yanagimoto
Students listening to a lecture about theater and the differences between noh and kyogen
While explaining kyogen, Mr. Yanagimoto demonstrated as well.

Next it’s the student’s turn!

The students tried acting. Do you know what they’re trying to do?

Answer: They’re trying to get a persimmon by throwing rocks at the persimmon tree.
They also practiced how to use fans.
Left group!
Right group!
Now all together. Can we do it well?
At the end, AKPers tried to laugh the way they do in kyogen. First, you crouch…
…then stand up and say “Wahahaha!”

Seems like it will be a good year with these smiles.

AKPers took interest in kyogen and asked lots of questions. You can see both noh and kyogen theater in Kyoto, so anyone who is interested should please go.

Mr. Yanagimoto, thank you very much for today.